Creating a brand story

Everything connects back to your brand story

What is a brand story?

If you want to build a successful, sustainable new business and a brand that will build loyalty you have to start with your story.


A brand story is more than just content, narrative and a strapline. Your story isn’t just what you tell people it’s also what they believe about you based on the messages your brand sends. Everything you do, each element of your business is part of your brand story and every element should reflect the truth about your brand to your audience.


If you don’t have a story you have no way to differentiate your brand or your business. Creating a brand story is about standing out and getting noticed for the right reasons.

This is what we do

Go Launch Yourself starts by asking a few relevant questions to gain an understanding of precisely what makes your business special, better and different from your competitors.


We'll develop an engaging and compelling brand story for your business, one that your customers (and your team) will not be able to resist. And with our powerful ideas and great design communicate it across a range of key touch points.


Go Launch Yourself is a graphic design and branding agency.

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